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Wilma (Netherlands) Bladder cancer - immucura - treatment

Wilma (Netherlands)

Bladder cancer

It was nearly 4 years ago that I had blood in my urine and I thought it was an infection I called the doctor and went to the hospital to get my kidneys checked. The doctors found some stones, but eventually, the blood disappeared, and so did the pain and I felt good. There was still an appointment for an ultrasound, however, and that’s when they found a tumour in my kidneys and bladder, Then I got a CT scan and there was no more tumour in my kidney anymore. I had 50% less cancer at that moment, it was only in my bladder. I did chemotherapy and after one year of chemo, I asked what now? I looked through the internet for the best doctors, best options, and best treatment, and then I found Immucura and read through it, I thought my situation was not that bad and I probably won’t need it for now but I kept everything in mind. Then my bladder cancer came back heavier and I contacted Immucura. My experience with Immucura was great. I feel more sure and more healthy because I got a lot of tips from the team and I am trying to change my lifestyle and I feel very happy about that. My last consultation for my bladder was okay, I trust in the treatment. Live your life, that is the most important thing, even when it seems impossible because you’re always fighting and might be in pain. But if you have the chance to get treatment with Immucura, go for it. You have to take the opportunity and fight this disease. With Immucura it’s not really fighting everything goes in a lovely way without side effects, it goes in a harmonious way. I feel very good overall.