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Valtter (Finland) Son of a patient with Breast Cancer and metastases - immucura - treatment

Valtter (Finland)

Son of a patient with Breast Cancer and metastases

A small lump was found in the left breast and treated with chronic measures and radiation. Then everything was fine until last spring when she started to have increased shortness of breath and also lost a lot of weight then it was determined that there were metastases and that the condition was pretty bad at that time. Then she had several talks at the university clinic, and they recommended hormonal therapy to her. At that time, we had already been in contact with Immucura and said we would try the other therapy first and then we would see what happened next. After the first hormonal therapy my mother felt pretty bad, she had shortness of breath and she could not even walk to the mailbox. When she had the medical revision after the first three months, the metastases had increased. At that point, we said we had to do something different. My mother would have liked to start DCT earlier, but the university clinic convinced her that it would be best to start with hormonal therapy first. We were all pretty excited from the start about Immucuras approach. It all went pretty well, and it was actually the last hope because the situation was already so bad. At the same time she was doing immunotherapy with Immucura, she started chemotherapy in tablet form at the university clinic. It worked out well, because the goal was to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy with the support of Immucura’s therapy. We then got the first results pretty quickly, within a couple of weeks, and her condition was improving. Her general condition had also improved significantly, she could even walk a few kilometers again. Her condition was almost normal again. You could contact Immucura at any time and you also got all the vitamins and other things like blood tests. Everything worked great and we always had the feeling that someone was there supporting us. For me as a doctor and as a son, it was of course nice to see that someone was taking care of me. Of course, I would recommend it. The oncologists were also very surprised that my mother had no side effects at all from the chemotherapy. And that is also one of the main goals of Immucura’s therapy. This means that the side effects should be avoided to a lower extent or entirely, and we have had good results there. I cannot criticize anything about Dendritic Cell Therapy and it’s been nine months since she have had the treatment. Now my mother also had her first medical check and it seems that her condition has improved or at least stabilized. Everything is actually more or less normal and we are really happy about this at the moment.