The Process: How Dendritic Cell Therapy works

Treatment in Laboratory

The Lab plays an important role



At Immucura we provide an overall patient consultancy because curing cancer is not just about making some changes to your blood. Diet, exercise, stress and other lifestyle factors can cause provable changes to a person’s health and our ‘integrative approach’ aims to create perfect conditions for the body to fight cancer.

Because the effectiveness of Dendritic cell Therapy depends on the strength of the patient’s immune system, we have ways to make the immune system more receptive and smarter.

Our Approach

During the last decade, since the opening of the human genome blood testing has become transformative for disease detection. This disruptive technology has made diagnostics the basis of modern medicine. A suite of tests can provide a snapshot of thousands of ‘states’. When these are interpreted by our qualified medical staff and some informed A.I. the results are transformative. Our patient consultancy is based on your results and is delivered by a qualified Doctor with proven therapies, natural boosters and lifestyle advice in a unique treatment plan for the very unique condition and illness of each patient. Dendritic cell cancer treatment ensures that patients spend less time fighting the symptoms of their cancer treatment, and more time fighting cancer itself. We start the process by focusing on overall patient health before proceeding to the next phase.

The DCT Therapy Process in Detail

The process for the patient is as simple as taking and returning a small amount of blood. Dendritic cell therapy is prescribed by a Doctor after a review of the case notes and blood tests followed by a patient consultation. The patient is given a thorough explanation of the process so that they can give their informed consent without affecting their statutory rights. From the start of the treatment there are options to make the immune system more receptive and smarter, ranging from simple and necessary dietary and lifestyle advice with natural remedies, to onco-physiotherapy and hyperthermia treatment.

The therapy process begins when a small sample of blood is taken from the patient to the laboratory. In a highly specialised process the monocytes are separated from the blood sample and cultivated into dendritic cells primed with modified instructions for the immune cells. These instructions will vary depending on the patient’s type of cancer, defence cell composition, blood type and genome. By using the patient’s own cells, DCT treatments are never rejected, and side effects are almost non-existent.

Clinical Protocols and Guidelines

The operation of the laboratory is governed under the scientific guidelines of the ‘European Medicines Agency’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use’ and the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) along with other regulatory authorities in the European Union.

The crucial Role of the Lab

The process of production consists of 52 intricate steps carried out by highly qualified scientists in a dedicated laboratory. If any part of the process goes wrong, the sample is discarded and the whole process starts from the beginning by taking blood again, fortunately this is rare.

The Serum Injection

After 9 days the patient’s blood is returned to them in a blood transfusion so that these regenerated and highly mobile cells multiply and present T and B cells to the cancerous cells at a rate of 5,000 cells an hour in a process called antigen presentation. Over a period of weeks this newly boosted immune system instructs the immune cells to heal the body from cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

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