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Stephen (USA) Liver Cancer - immucura - treatment

Stephen (USA)

Liver Cancer

In April of last year I was diagnosed with biliary cholangiocarcinoma, which is liver cancer. It spread to several organs and because it was stage four and because it was a fairly aggressive sub type, I probably had between eight and eleven months to live. They were hoping that the standard allopathic therapy that they have, would make me comfortable and it might save my life by a couple of months. But basically by the middle of 2019 I would have been gone. I started standard DCT with Immucura. I showed up they took out 200ml of blood they shipped it to Germany. I stayed down in Spain for ten days and it came back as two small vials of vaccine. After that I went into the Immucura office and they injected that into my skin, and I went home. Right now I feel fantastic. I have had a couple of rough months because of some of the other treatments that have been going on, but those are all over and I am really well rested. I have taken three months off of work to get the other therapies completed and that’s the other thing about DCT, I only took time off to get the step done but after that it just worked while I just lived my life right? DCT is non intrusive, super easy with no side effects of unpleasantness. It was excellent. They injected the vaccine into my skin, I walked out and it just started getting better.