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Sophia (UK) Breast cancer - treatment - immucura

Sophia (UK)

Breast cancer

I was shocked when I learned about my cancer diagnosis.  I had been diagnosed previously as well and there is a 16-year gap between the two times, so I was shocked, that it was a different type of cancer. I was looking for alternatives because I had chemotherapy, and it really didn’t agree with me, I didn’t like it. So I asked for radiotherapy, but I was told you cannot have it twice in the same area, so I was looking for alternatives and I found Immucura to be the best alternative I could find. I asked a lot of people about Immucura and researched it deeply. I thought it was an exciting treatment to try.  I was excited to try it. I didn’t feel any different, obviously mentally you feel anxious initially. My experience with Immucura was good! It was a pleasant experience.  I had no side effects, only positive things, really. I think for me, it was the only way forward and I think it’s a million percent worth it.  My wish for the future is not to worry about having cancer again or go through the mental part of it. You get supplements and your body needs to be healthy inside, it’s a good option to change lifestyle too.