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Sandy (Germany) Breast Cancer - treatment - immucura

Sandy (Germany)

Breast Cancer

After talking about my breast tumour to several practitioners I knew that I had to take action. However, I was not happy with the three initial options that were presented to me. They were pushing me towards doing a chemo, radio or hormone therapy. None of the doctors I met before finding Immucura really had time for me. Nobody analysed my bloods, nobody wanted to know where the cancer came from nor gave me any advice on diet and lifestyle changes. I imagine that with the many patients every practitioner has to deal with in the public health system they only focus on fighting the symptoms. Finally, a doctor who is a friend of mine recommended a Dendritic Cell Therapy (DCT) to me. I spoke about that option with my gynaecologist and thank God I then decided to get a DCT. I have learned a lot about the Dendritic Cell Therapy in the meantime and I’m happy to share that information with others who are considering to do DCT. I found out that a Noble prize has been given for the development of the Dendritic Cell Therapy and this gave me even more confidence about it. It fascinated me to learn that this treatment has no bad side effects and aims to boost and inform the immune system instead of weakening it. When I first learned about the treatment costs they seemed a bit high to me, but I decided that my health was worth it. Being self-employed in times like these made it quite a challenge, but when I had to choose between buying a car or getting healthy, I preferred choosing my health. I was surprised when I found out that insurance companies often pay thousands for chemotherapies but not always for curative therapies like the Dendritic Cell Therapy. In my opinion the Immune Memory Transmitter Supplementation, as well as the nutrition and lifestyle coaching that are included make the total price worth it. I did have some fever and nausea on the third day after the injection of the Dendritic Cells, but on day four I already felt better and from then on, my strength and health condition have been constantly increasing. Now I can go to work and live a normal life again. I am very positive about my future and the future of all those who choose this advanced alternative treatment.