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Sabrina (Germany) Parotid Carcinoma - immucura - treatment

Sabrina (Germany)

Parotid Carcinoma

I noticed that I suddenly couldn’t close my eyelid properly anymore and I was starting to have facial paresis. I went to the doctor, I was heavily pregnant at the time. Then they put me into the MRI and then they did an ultrasound and found a tumour. At that time, it was not likely malignant in any way, but I had parotid carcinoma, which is a malignant tumour of the parotid gland. It all happened quickly, they punctured me, and a day later I was called and told it was necessary to induce the birth, and then have surgery immediately afterwards. The surgery went very well and it was followed by radiation. I was very lucky because it was such a rare tumour that I was sent to the radiation center in Heidelberg. So I had radio sessions and I’m now in remission. I have to say that both my mother and my father, had cancer, so I had genetic tests and other examinations. I was only 38 when I was first diagnosed. But it was just bad luck, nothing genetic, as I was told. When I got the diagnosis myself, I just started doing my own research then I continued looking up information and then I just stumbled across Dendritic Cell Therapy and read it through and just thought to myself “yes, this immune system-stimulating system, to support the immune defence against cancer has been around for 20 years, with an incredible amount of things that happened and developed in this area, and I thought “Come on, let’s try that.” My impression of Immucura was, that it was really great, I was immediately contacted by phone and well informed with a lot of further information, you are really taken by the hand and carried through the process. After a week I spoke to the doctor, she called to ask how I was doing and I told her, well, it can’t be from the therapy already, but about a week later I had the impression that I was much fitter. Not only that I can get out of bed easily, but this basic resilience and basic vitality, I had the impression that it would be much better and it lasts. So it’s not like I’ve had 3 or 4 good days, it’s always like this. That’s why, I thought, that can’t be after a week. The doctor said, “Yes, there are some patients who, if they are in such good initial condition as I was, have already reported it. I’ve never felt so fit and alert in my life. So honestly, it’s really quite amazing. That surprised me too! So just in one sentence, if you can afford it I would definitely say try it, without a doubt. There are many great things included which I wasn’t aware of at the beginning, and there is also such great support with the team asking you “How are you?”, “What are you doing?”, “How’s your diet?”, “How’s your sleep?”, all these things contribute to good mental and physical health. Then you also have for example the hair analysis, the dark field analysis, etc.. I really have to say that is a top package! Initially I thought that this was just cell therapy and that’s it, but it’s a top package and I would definitely do it again.