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Roger (UK) Prostate cancer - immucura - treatment

Roger (UK)

Prostate cancer

My PSA was rising to a level that was questionable, So I had to go for a biopsy at the local hospital in West Suffolk in England and I was then diagnosed with cancer. I suspected I had a problem, it was a bit of a shock but from then I wasn’t worried about the fact that I had cancer. I then embarked on a course supervised by my oncologist. I did radiotherapy, which I quite enjoyed because you’re meeting other people in similar circumstances, and the machine is very interesting, so I enjoyed it. It did reduce my PSA level quite considerably and I was put on hormone treatment which I am still on. They told me they couldn’t operate on my tumour because it was too close to the surface, it would have been dangerous. Besides the supplements I liked the immune memory transmitters, that is quite unique and I would like to learn more about them. The uniqueness of Immucura was what tempted me. The way I was treated at Immucura is top-notch. My experience at Immucura has been very positive. I hope to obtain a longer length of life, a quality life.