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Reinhard (Germany) Intestine cancer spread to the liver and lungs - immucura - treatment

Reinhard (Germany)

Intestine cancer spread to the liver and lungs

I was looking for an alternative to chemotherapy; I searched the Internet and found Immucura. Although their headquarters are in Spain, they have Mr. Wiechmann as a representative in Dortmund which is close to Holwickede, where I live. So I got in touch with him, informed myself, and quickly realized that this was the way, I wanted to go. They first found something in my intestine. It was removed in the same month and we thought it was all gone. Since I did not want chemotherapy we agreed to a follow-up. Later they found 4 metastasis on my liver and one on my lungs was detected. I then decided to do Dendritic Cell Therapy. After the therapy, I’m feeling well. I don’t realize that I have a disease, although it is a pretty serious one. I’m even able to go to work without any limitations. So I’m doing great. The only thing I mentioned to Dr. Erben is that I get tired a bit faster than I used to. Even though that might be due to the supplements I’m taking and also because I’m not sleeping that much. I get up at four in the morning and go to sleep at ten at night. Maybe my body is just telling me I should get more sleep. Apart from that, I’m feeling really well today. I was given different supplements and also a specific diet to follow. Overall, my experience with Immucura has been great! I already asked Dr. Erben what I could do once my aftercare program with Immucura is completed. Because it has really been amazing so far. There is nothing they could do better in my point of view. The team did a great job. I would recommend Immucura! We’ll have to see where my journey finally goes. The human body is full of surprises, but for now, I’m confident. I’m feeling well and it was not too difficult to stick to the changes in my lifestyle that I was recommended.