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Rafael (Spain) Prostate Cancer - immucura - treatment

Rafael (Spain)

Prostate Cancer

They told me that the prostata tumour was massive, that I had a bladder adenopathy, that my bones were also affected and that I had several other metastasis. My right kidney was so bad, that they had to do a nephrostomy. That was basically my situation. The removal of the nephrostomy tubes was nearly impossible and after that we just had to see what would happen. I was given the perspective to life a few years, not many and neither of good quality. My current situation, 5 months after starting this immunotherapy with dendritic cells, is that the massive prostate tumour disappeared, the metastasis have disappeared, the nephrostomy has been removed and the right kidney works perfectly again and the PSA went down from a 250 to 0.65. In the most recent check up that I had with the immunotherapy team my blood was checked and no sign of any disease could be found. So today I am cured or I am healthy and that is how I really feel. I feel phenomenal, I am looking forward to continue living my life, to keep enjoying it. Both my wife and I are super thankful for your good treatment and for what you have done for us.