The impact of physical exercise on cancer patients


The impact of physical exercise on cancer patients



A study in the University of Granada focusing on the impact of physical exercise on the immune system inspired a doctor to open up his own centre. The centre provides free treatments as well as gym equipments for cancer patients. The goal is to boost the immune system in order to overcome cancer.


Doctor Jesus C. from Spain was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year and he is currently undergoing chemotherapy. He strongly believes in the power of boosting the immune system through physical activity and its contribution to overcoming cancer.
“Either you train your body and your mind or you can’t stand it. This is called taking responsibility for your health” he states.

Taking action

Through donations he was able to open up a free Oncology Patient Support Unit in the city of Granada. The free program offered at the centre includes physical exercise, diet and stress control. These techniques will be used alongside conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and medication.

Strengthening the immune system

This innovative concept of cancer treatment with physical exercise was born as a research project at the University of Granada. “When I was diagnosed with cancer I began to read and study about elite athletes who have had cancer and whose recovery had been impressive thanks to receiving brutal training and control of their diet and stress” he said. “I am a living proof of that” he continued.

Dr. Jesus believes that the best way to fight the disease is through physical exercise, and that it is important for cancer patients to strengthen their immune systems. They need appropriate nutrition and exercise to avoid neurotoxicity or cardiotoxicity while undergoing harsh treatments.

“You can live with cancer and you can even overcome it. But you have to take care of yourself. I am an example.But it is essential to change your lifestyle because a pill is not going to solve anything.” he says.

The step to overcoming cancer

The doctor has terminal cancer that cannot be operated on , yet he trains for two and a half hours a day, he eats well and puts in a lot of effort in order to support the treatments he is currently undergoing. He is determined to overcome cancer and to help others in his situation.

The Bottom Line

It is important to note that despite the essentiality of exercise, every patient’s journey is different and some patients may not have the ability to take part in physical activity. It could be due to the stage of cancer or the type of treatment. However, in the case that a patient cannot participate in physical activities, Dendritic Cell Therapy is a non-invasive option that boosts the immune system and kills cancer cells in a natural way. It can be used as a primary therapy or in combination with other treatments.

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