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Magnus (Norway) Rectal Cancer - immucura - treatment

Magnus (Norway)

Rectal Cancer

When I first learned that I had cancer, I was shocked because I had experienced very few symptoms prior to that. It felt more like a routine checkup. The news was unexpected, and everything became a blur. It was difficult to think clearly. However, after an initial couple of weeks, I managed to calm down a bit and conducted some research to figure out the next steps for me. My doctors informed me that I had rectal cancer with extensive metastases to the liver. In Norway, where I’m from, the standard of care basically meant a fatal outcome. Their standard approach consisted of chemotherapy followed by surgery. So, I consulted with around four different doctors, and three of them essentially said, “You won’t survive here.” Although it was strange to hear it repeatedly, it actually motivated me even more to overcome this challenge. During an extensive search on Google, I discovered Immucura, which seemed to be the most professional and promising treatment option to explore. After reaching out via email, I grew increasingly confident that this was the right choice for me. Since undergoing therapy with Immucura, I feel great. Prior to the DCT injections, I was feeling quite unwell. My energy levels were extremely low, and even drinking was challenging. It seemed like my body couldn’t handle anything. Now, my energy is significantly better, and I have no more pain. I would say I feel about 80% better and almost back to normal, all within just four months. The facilities at Immucura are excellent too! I feel incredibly well taken care of in a warm and welcoming environment. The entire process has been highly professional and well-organized. My experience has been excellent overall. It has been a pain-free journey, and the results have been astonishing. I underwent another PET scan three weeks ago, which revealed that the extensive metastases in every segment of my liver have decreased by 90%. Additionally, the original rectal tumor has also significantly shrunk. For the future, my wish is to maintain good health and assist others facing a similar situation as mine. I believe it’s crucial to let people know that there is hope and that there are treatments available that are far more effective than the standard of care.

Recent update from the patient: I wanted to inform you that I had another PET scan this Friday. The liver tumours have been reduced even further. There was around 10% left on the scan 3 months ago, and on this scan there’s less than half of that. The oncologist said that I now have no substantial liver lesions left. The rectal tumour has reduced around 70% since December. Having a colonoscopy to determine if the rectal tumour is still active, or if it’s just necrotic dead tissue. So I’m very happy!