Luisa (Colombia)

Cervical cancer

When I was diagnosed with cancer, it was a bit difficult because I was diagnosed in the middle of a pandemic and I didn’t have a doctor to explain to me what was happening, I found out at home but we went quickly to the doctor and it was a bit easier when they gave us the explanation.

I was very happy to know that science has advanced enough that nowadays cancer does not mean death, as we have it associated with, and I was very happy to know that there are many natural therapies for my body that are not as invasive as chemotherapy.

I chose Immucura mainly because it is natural, with the whole issue of vaccines for ourselves that works not as a mass vaccine but as something more specific for me, for my cancer, I found it very important, and it was one of the main things why I liked the treatment with Immucura.

I don’t know if it’s because of my age, I’ve been in good physical condition, I did a lot of sport, so I don’t know if that has helped me. Now I’m a bit weak because I’ve just finished a cycle of 6 chemotherapy sessions but when we talked to Immucura they said it was good because I was finishing my cycle and letting the time pass between the cycle and doing the treatment would be good to get my defences up and it would be good to receive the treatment, so I was recovering from those cycles of chemotherapy, which my body has resisted quite well.

The supplements that they have given me here at Immucura have been very good, I have seen them a lot because we went to visit Seville and we got very wet and we all got very cold, but with the supplements I have noticed that the body has not let itself relapse into a cold or some small illness that we normally tend to get sick, but with the supplements I feel very good.

My experience with Immucura has been good. The staff were very warm and made me feel very comfortable receiving the treatment, and that has helped me a lot.

A biophysicist explained a lot about dendritic cells and we think it is a very good solution and the treatments that Immucura offers are treatments that are usually very conservative for certain people and it is a great opportunity for those of us who can access this treatment, not only for cancer, which we have every hope that it will work, but also for the whole immune system of every person, not only for cancer, but it also helps to strengthen the whole immune system, which is a great opportunity for people.

It would be great if many more people could have access to this treatment. There are many people, and I see it in my country which is Colombia, I am very privileged with my husband and my family to have access to this treatment.