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Interviews take place in London or on Zoom.

Quick application:

The ideal candidate should:

· have minimum 10 years hospital experience preferably with surgical patients / cancer patients / outpatients / Oncology or / and ICU service – (any of these is seen as an advantage)
· have a high proficiency in English, both written and spoken
· be hard-working, compassionate, efficient and a problem-solver
· have strong communication and people skills
· be readily available during the day and weekends for patients’ questions and concerns
· be empathetic
· be able to travel

Other notes:

You will report directly to the Medical Team Manager and the Medical Director.
Immucura is an international provider of non-invasive cancer support treatments, based on immunotherapy with dendritic cells. Our treatments are scientifically advanced, together with personalized and empathetic patient care throughout the process. We are looking for an experienced Registered Nurse practitioner to join our passionate team.

As our focus is on helping cancer patients throughout their wellness journey and building lasting personal relationships with them and their families, you must be dedicated to offer outstanding professional patient care and support.

How to apply:

Fill in the contact form above or send you CV to

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