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esper (Denmark) Family member of Breast Cancer patient - immucura - treatment

Jesper (Denmark)

Family member of Breast Cancer patient

“My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, they chose to take off her breast. The system in Denmark is complex, you get covered by the government and you can take the standard chemotherapy and she did that. The chemo helped for one and a half year, then the cancer came back as triple-negative in the lymphs. The DCT came up when she got so much liquid around her heart and lungs, we only had one choice to figure out where to get another treatment. I started scanning the internet and we found Immucura. Everything was new to me and this seemed to be the right treatment for her. Everything was fine with Immucura, we had a great team, and they were fantastic. It was the best place we could be at that point. The difference between DCT and conventional treatments is that DCT uses the body as a weapon against cancer and it doesn’t make you sick, you can continue to work, it is a whole new world. The world should keep their eyes on this treatment, in ten years hopefully, everyone is going to opt for this treatment. Nutrition is essential not only for the patient but the whole family, you do your best for your body, so you have to believe in nutrition as well. When you get in that situation it’s difficult and you have to make a quick decision. You must get a second opinion not only from your own doctor but from another source. Its important that people are aware of the DCT treatment. My hope for the future is that every patient could get this treatment.”

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