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FOLFOX regimen plus dendritic cells–cytokine induced killer cells immunotherapy for the treatment of colorectal cancer: a meta-analysis

Review: 10 trials including a total of 881 patients with colorectal cancer (CRC) were found to be eligible for inclusion in this meta-analysis.

The overall survival (OS), overall response rate (ORR), disease control rate (DCR), tumour markers, immune function, and adverse events were evaluated. The combined therapy showed advantages over FOLFOX treatment-alone in 2-year OS, ORR, and DCR, with statistical significance. Moreover, the level of carcinoembryonic antigen was also decreased significantly upon immunotherapy.

Conclusion: This study confirms that FOLFOX regimen plus DC-CIK immunotherapy is a safe and effective treatment for CRC patients. It markedly prolongs patient’s survival time and improves the efficacy of CRC treatment by reconstructing the patient’s immune system. Therefore, the combination of FOLFOX chemotherapy regimen and DC-CIK immunotherapy is a promising treatment option for CRC patients.


Kajihara M., Takakura K., Kanai T., Ito Z., Saito K., Takami S., Shimodaira S., Okamoto M., Ohkusa T., Koido S.
Dendritic cell-based cancer immunotherapy for colorectal cancer
Colorectal Cancer: Global view (2016) 22(17), 4275-4286

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