Supporting the best doctors with the most advanced cancer therapies

“Immunotherapy is the future of cancer health.”

Dendritic cell therapy is considered to be the most effective immunotherapy. Despite its longevity and results distribution and accessibility is still very limited. Immucura targets to make DCT available to as many countries and patients as possible. 

Doctors, clinics, hospitals

Partners benefit from

  • Including Dendritic Cell Therapy as an advanced option for cancer patients

  • Precise information about the therapy and clear instructions on how to apply it

  • Training of doctors and medical staff

  • Privileged access to the team of experts

  • Information material for patients

  • Depending on local regulation

    • Safe and fast transport of the blood samples to the laboratory and back in 9 to 11 days

    • Support programs for patients for a 14-day therapy stay to Spain and receive therapy report for further observation and treatments

  • Remuneration for clinical studies.


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To give patients the best advice, access the database of clinical studies


Set up of research projects and clinical studies
Training of students within internship programs


Offering trailblazing therapy with positive public reputation

Medical Agencies

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Future team members

Hiring now:

  • Oncologist (worldwide)

  • Scientists in immunotherapy (Biochemistry) (Germany)

  • Medical Administration Expert (Spain)

  • Online Media Producer (Spain, Gibraltar)

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