Günther (Germany)

Mr Strauss
Colon Cancer

How does a person feel when he gets such a diagnosis? First of all, it’s a complete turnaround of ideas. You have to sort yourself out again, you have to rethink and look for ways to get rid of this diagnosis, and you’re struggling for help. 

I had two hospital stays. During my last stay, I was diagnosed one day before I was discharged. I got an appointment with the head doctor relatively quickly, who wanted to perform the surgery. We had the famous conversation about the diagnosis and the room had already been ordered. 

I first listened to what they had to say and then told myself that I had to go my own way. I have to make a decision that I can stand by, that is not imposed on me from someone else. 

I knew that I had to start a new life if I wanted to succeed in eliminating the diagnosis in my body. Immucura was my partner in this. For me, it was an alternative to not having to go to hospital. But to keep my quality of life, to be at home and still do the therapy. And to find out for myself how my health is improving.

I started at 3/10. At the beginning you have no idea what you’re in for. In my case, it got better from month to month. 

I would really rate my well-being today with a 10/10. For me, it’s really incredible. I also feel incredible, I am pain-free, I have no suffering. I just know that I have to be careful in certain things in my life in the future and that’s how I will keep my health. 

I would recommend Immucura to anyone who is facing a situation like this. Everyone should inform themselves and develop a feeling whether it seems trustworthy for him. It is an opportunity that should be taken, especially when you are learning to take responsibility for your own health again. In my opinion it seems to be a very good option. I want to thank the team at Immucura for all that has been done in the background