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Giancarlo (Italy) Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma - immucura - treatment - cancer

Giancarlo (Italy)

Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma
DCT & Nanothermia

In the middle of the Covid pandemic, I went out for recreational activities with my children and my wife. When we returned home, I felt really strange tiredness. After that, I started to collapse to the ground repeatedly, and I couldn’t understand why. We called the ambulance and went to the emergency room. After the CT scans, I was diagnosed with 3 brain lesions. And from there the nightmare began. After the diagnosis, my first thought went to my family, how to find the words to explain to them what was happening. The first approach I had with the doctors was, hospitalization in the medical department, and waiting for surgery. I was supposed to have a brain biopsy to figure out what disease it was. After the examination, I underwent cycles of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in the hospital. I was discharged with the diagnosis that mine is a 50% recurrence and that there is no cure that can get rid of this disease. From there my research began, mainly on the internet. After seeing a documentary on Netflix, I discovered alternative therapies. I discovered a new world, and new possibilities, different from the conventional proposals I was offered. At this point, I started to deepen my research. I initially landed on the United States and then I found something in Europe, which was the Immucura clinic and I contacted them. I chose Immucura because the treatments are trustworthy, from what I was able to verify from the documentation. Now I am doing very well. Here at Immucura, the treatments are proceeding regularly. Furthermore, I am thrilled with the care offered by them. Before starting this path I had several symptoms, such as frequent headaches, that had been persistent for some time. So then this new life chapter started, this therapy and these treatments began, and just like that, the headaches are now gone! Now I have a much stronger motivation than the one I already had before and I can do many things, even on a physical level. I always work out. Before I was doing only trekking and almost no gym, I already feel some improvement. How did I find myself regarding Immucura’s service? Well, very well. Indeed, I’m more satisfied than I expected. We had 2-3 phone and zoom talks and from there they boosted my confidence and gave me a lot of security. When I arrived here and met the team, they welcomed me, they supported me completely with all my needs. They are truly special and helpful people. I can recommend it. Also because it is not just a light at the end of the tunnel but it can give a lot of hope for those in the same situation. Now that I am here to do these treatments, I am not lazy. I do physical activity, I work out every day, I keep myself active and I am fine, for me it is recreational, it is relaxing and it helps me a lot on a mental and psychological level. I advise everyone to exercise. Especially for those like me, who are battling a disease, it is very important. Stay away from the chairs, stay away from the beds and do activities. obviously, the therapy is expensive, which is a difficulty for each of us. To overcome this difficulty, I first had to rely on a fundraising platform. From there it all started with the spread of my message. It all started from there and the spread was truly immense. We have almost reached the set goal of fundraising. Thanks to all, I’m immensely grateful for that. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, from me, and from my family. For my family, this situation is hard to bear, for me personally, however, On a psychological level, I feel very strong. I would like to give a final message to people like me who are overcoming these obstacles, along the path of their life, just as I am: to never give up, to be always strong, and to fight at all times. And this is what I want to transmit to all of you and especially to my beloved family.