Patient Fabián sitting in his living room

Fabian (Spain)

Brain tumour DCT – IMT – Nanothermia

My situation was very, very severe. I was diagnosed with a brain tumour in the left parietal lobe in 2007, 2012 and 2019. I was operated in 2008 and 2012 and they took away the left half of my brain. In 2019 another operation was not an option, so only radiotherapy or chemotherapy were left. But it would have been between 9 and 12 months of chemotherapy and the outcome was very uncertain. It could help, but also harm.

From Immucura, I got the Dendritic Cell Therapy and IMT capsules which are an additional help. Furthermore, Immucura provided me with Nanothermia. Before I did not know about these treatments but I’m very grateful for having found them.

I received very personal attention and getting the therapies was not complicated at all, as I had no bad side effects. Today I live a normal everyday life. I give thanks to God because it is a privilege and a blessing to find such an advanced and efficient treatment.

So when I next went to the neurologist for my usual MRI Scan after having received the Immucura treatments they found out that instead of growing, the tumour had shrunk.

Now I’m much better. Before I could not sleep or rest lying on the left side of my head. So I used to sleep with the right side of my head on the pillow but now I can sleep on my left side again. And the previous pressure in my head has decreased a lot.

Now I’m completely independent and even my immune system is working perfectly to protect me from the Corona Virus. That really helped me a lot too, because Immucura did not only help me fight the tumour, but also helped my body to re-establish its natural defense against any kind of malignant cell.

Talking in numbers I would rate the Immucura treatment ten out of ten because it is an alternative that helped me.

For those who are going through a similar situation I want to ask them to open their minds to the advanced alternatives that exist these days. Again for me it was a blessing to find Immucura and their great way of approaching cancer.


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