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Ekaterina ( Bulgaria) Breast Cancer - immucura - treatment

Ekaterina ( Bulgaria)

Breast Cancer

“I found Immucura after years of managing cancer naturally and holistically without standard medical treatment. The fact that they offered treatments without side effects was already it. It does no harm, in the first place. Targeting the immune system, our inner protection system that helps us combat any condition in our environment goes hand in hand with it, so I was in. The use of innovative and high-technology approaches only adds to this. As to the results, it’s up to any of us to decide who is responsible for our health. I personally believe that neither sickness, nor health come from outside, it is us who create our reality. I had the DCT treatment end of November 2022. The outcome is to be measured but my experience so far with Immucura has met my expectations – they respond quickly and readily, already having solutions for everything. I appreciate their dedication and support, I love their warmth and encouragement. The treatment is being provided at home as I cannot travel. Nurses, coordinators, and doctors all come with an open heart no matter if it is evening, weekend, or public holiday, they are there, with a smile. Do you know other medical teams like this? And their logistics function instantly and perfectly. For me, this is part of the treatment. It creates a very conducive outer environment that supports medical treatment and our inner healing work. My gratitude and love to Immucura and their walking the path to the future of healthcare.”

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