Daniele (Italy)

Squamous Carcinoma

When I first found out I had cancer, my reaction was bad, in the sense that you 

see your life turned upside down and you think you’ve reached the end because in the end, my disease was very severe. The survival rates are low, so it was tough. 

I had so many experiences in the hospital, and so many therapies, but none of the therapies led to a certainty of recovery. I didn’t want to continue like this and I decided to try this DCT so that, in addition to having hope for myself, I can also give hope to other people who have to face the same problem. 

I have decided to do it also because the traditional therapies done in the hospital have sometimes caused a deterioration in my state of health. On a physical level, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, all these therapies, are therapies that ultimately 

weaken the immune system. So, I decided to do Dendritic Cell Therapy as it has the ability to target the immune system, maybe it can help me to do other therapies as well and not bring me to the end with no more strength to carry on. 

Before starting the treatment with Immucura I had a feeling of heaviness, on the right part of my head where I had done the therapies. After having done the treatment, already after a few hours, I noticed the difference: on the side where I had done the radio and which was 

very swollen, after having done the treatment with Immucura, the swelling started to regress, and also the nasal secretions which I hadn’t had for a long time came back much more abundant and therefore I was able to get rid of all that material that was injecting me into my head. I believe that the therapy is the right one and over time we will see the results.

 As an experience with Immucura, I must say that the facilities are very 

welcoming, clean, and organized, the staff is at the forefront and above all, they are very precise, unlike me, as I’m always late. 


For all the people in my place who have to go through this bad experience – I would tell them to go for DCT, do not waste time because time for us is precious. It might be a huge advantage to do it now. We must give it a try even if there is no guarantee, in life, we ​​must always try what is possible. I had the opportunity to do it and I didn’t even need a second to think about it because in my opinion there is a good chance to move forward.