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Daniel (USA) Esophageal Cancer - immucura - treatment

Daniel (USA)

Esophageal Cancer

I noticed that I began to have health issues, like the food didn’t go through well, especially thick food. So I went to a guy in Manhattan. He said: “Don’t be scared if I give you bad diagnostics. It’s lower esophageal cancer you need major surgery. They started giving me chemo, then I had surgery. After that, they checked my blood and the tumour markers were still high. So I did research on the internet and I discovered this clinic in Spain, which offers Dendritic Cell Therapy. I had a good feeling about it as they use your blood, which means it’s not just a pill or injection, it’s a customized solution. So they take a piece of you, they work on it, so then the treatment will recognize you. There are different cells in the human body that protect you. Dendritic Cells are the largest. Then you have T-Cells, B-Cells, Killer-cells and God knows what other cells. So the whole idea is to enhance every cell of the immune system to recognize the tumor cells. Basically, you are working with a modified immune system. After DCT I had an endoscopy, so they looked inside my body, and they didn’t see any cancer anymore. The report said there was no cancer. My tumour markers began to fall. When they did the surgery they did find some cells in a few local surrounding tissues close to the lymph nodes, but they didn’t find the tumor. The tumor was gone, because tumor means many cells. My conclusion is that Immucura does work, it does eliminate tumour cells. So it’s very useful. That’s basically the story.