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Dagmar (Germany) Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma​ - immucura - cancer - treatment

Dagmar (Germany)

Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma​

I began having symptoms and went to the doctor with my husband, that’s when they diagnosed lymphoma. Of course, it was a big shock for us, but when the initial upset faded, I thought, “Oh, I’ll get that under control, I’ll do something about it.”, as I’ve always treated all the things I had by myself, my main focus has always been on not taking medication but on trying to get natural remedies. I was immediately offered chemotherapy and that would have been not been an option for me. I am a physiotherapist and I have also experienced everything in the clinic and in my own practice, including all the side effects, of traditional treatments. That’s why I chose a different way. I am very fortunate that my husband works at the Immucura Institute, so I came into contact with Dendritic Cell Therapy and saw how it was good for the patients, from what my husband said. I was feeling very bad before I started the DCT. I even said goodbye to my husband. I felt such a weakness, it didn’t look like I would make it. But there was already a turning point with the first dose and I felt much better. Then we added a second dose of Dendritic Cells, which was very important. There was an improvement relatively quickly, the whole situation changed completely. I regained my full power, so many friends of ours say it really was like a miracle. All of a sudden I was able to walk again, wash, and take a shower, and I started doing yoga straight away. I tried to build up my muscles again with dumbbells because I had lost over 20 kg. And I have to say that it did a lot for me. As far as nutrition is concerned, I’ve been a vegetarian for a long time. I think the most important thing is of course the physical condition first, but also the mental condition. I was also treated very well by the Immucura team, it was a very good experience and I actually felt very supported and taken care of. Of course, there are always ups and downs and sometimes I have weaknesses, but then I feel strong again and things improve again. So you also have to learn to economize with your strength. I want to give one more piece of advice: it’s very important to accept the illness, to see what it’s actually trying to tell you. Not to go into the resistance, but to see where you can improve. I decided on Dendritic Cell Therapy, it actually helped me a lot. Especially since I noticed how my immune system has been strengthened. If I had done chemotherapy now, my immune system would have gone down the drain and the other cells would have died along with the cancer cells, with unbelievable side effects with Dendritic Cell Therapy I have had no side effects at all, and even now no pain. I mean, it’s different for everyone, but really doing this therapy, even if it’s a financial hurdle to take it. I’m fully behind it. It is also important that you decide to live. Accept your illness but still decide in favour of life.