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Brenda (UK) Breast Cancer - immucura - treatmet

Brenda (UK)

Breast Cancer

“Initially I was shocked, saddened and traumatized once I learned about my breast cancer. The oncologist told me that if I did not follow his treatment advice (i.e. Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, and Tamoxifen for life) I would not survive, this was back in March 2021 and I am still here. When I heard about Immucura’s cancer therapy I felt an enormous sense of happiness, hope, and relief, that there were more options available to treat cancer, other than the conventional treatments that people are pressured and pushed into out of fear and lack of knowledge. I decided to opt for Immucura because it did not involve Surgery, Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy. Before starting the therapy with Immucura I felt very relaxed and confident that my cancer would be cured. I have always had high energy, so physically I felt much the same as before, but I also now feel a lot more relaxed and calm about cancer and have faith in the outcome of the therapy. I received very good treatment and the Immucura nurse is a wonderful, kind and very caring person. If i could say one thing to cancer sufferers who are considering DCT, it would be to go for it, it’s a very personal choice and you need to feel comfortable and confident that you have chosen to do what is right for you. For me I certainly did not want to go down the conventional treatment path.”

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