Aria (Netherlands)

Breast Cancer
I knew that there was something going on because I had felt it already for about a year and a half. I had the feeling I had to figure it out my own way. I was looking for healthy options.
I had it examined in the traditional way and that’s when they told me. It was a strange feeling but it was not a problem. I never had the feeling that I have cancer. I call it my challenge.
I read all the websites and when i found Immucura, I knew it was good for me. It resonated with me, because it’s the way I work with the body myself. I read that it boosts the immune system, and I need a good immune system to fight.
I felt sick but I never felt bad. The only time I had a lot of stress was when I had the examination in the hospital in the PET scan. It gave me a lot of pain and stress. I was under severe stress and pain for about two months, and that was a little bit before I had the treatments.
I’m so delighted with the team at Immucura and the help I got. The staff is made of people keep their word when they say, I sent you this or I sent you that, or I pick you up or I give you a message. It’s always on time. I could always count on them and I’m very happy with that.
My advise would be to go as natural as you can. Another thing is to pay attention to your mental health.I have found through the books I’ve read that trauma is linked with the development of cancer. Also pay attention to your food because cancer feeds off sugar.
After DCT I noticed big improvements. I had four spots. I had a big lump on the sternum, That’s gone. I had one on the collarbone, it cannot be felt anymore. I did not make any scans. But also the doctor and oncologist, couldn’t feel it anymore in the breast.