Cytolytic Immunity of CIK cells upon Coculture with Mature Dendritic Cells

Receptor-mediated endocytosis

Results of the treatment



The crosstalk between dendritic cells, cytokine-induced killer cells and cancer cells from the perspective of combination therapy.


In this review, we will discuss the role of contact-dependent activation and cytokine-dependant cytolytic capacity of CIK cells upon coculture with mature DCs. We will start by explaining DC’s importance in immunity and how they can be used for therapeutic purposes. Next, we will focus on the different types of CIK cell subsets and their roles in dct. Finally, we conclude by discussing what kind of future research is needed to better understand the interaction between these two cells populations.


The possibility of overcoming tumour-related immunosuppression due to the enhanced cytotoxicity and proliferation of CIK cells after coculture with in vitro-modified DCs makes such combination therapy an attractive immunomodulatory approach for the induction of anticancer immune responses.


Dendritic cells have been investigated for their ability to stimulate cytotoxic T-cells in the treatment of cancer. This review revealed the role of both contact-dependent activation of CIK cells (involving CCR5 signalling) and the cytokine-dependent cytolytic capacity of CIK cells upon coculture with mature DCs. Overall, these data are encouraging for dct therapies involving co-culture with mature DCs.

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Scientific article publishing date : 4/11/2020

Immucura identifier : BSC21_011EN