Therapeutic DC vaccination with IL-2 as a consolidation therapy for ovarian cancer patients: a phase I/II trial

Results of the treatment

Results of the treatment



Patients with Ovarian cancer (OvCa) were treated with autologous dendritic cells (DCs) and IL-2 to evaluate the safety and feasibility of this therapeutic strategy and to characterize the antigen-specific immune alterations induced through this treatment.The vaccination was well tolerated. In patients with NED status and increased overall survival, DC vaccination induced tumor-related immunity, potentially associated with long-term clinical responses against OvCa.


The inclusion status after the initial therapy showed the maintenance of complete remission (CR) after DC vaccination for 83, 80.9 and 38.2 months without disease relapse.


All the patients were treated with lysate-loaded DCs (4.13×107 ± 0.27×107 cell/ injection) followed by 14 consecutive IL-2 injection. Two vaccination were subcutaneously (SC) administered in an area adjacent to the axillary lymph node at 4-week intervals.


  • The vaccine was well tolerated in all the patients, common side effects were flu-like symptoms. 
  • 3 patients maintained the initial complete response inclusion status after DC vaccine for 83, 80.9 and 38.2 months without disease relapsed 
  • 5 patients (50%) achieved complete remission (CR), 2 patients had stable disease (SD) and 3 patients had progressive disease (PD) 
  • 1 patient with stable disease experienced the complete disappearance of tumor after vaccination and maintain for 50.8 months. 
  • Overall survival (OS) associated with DCV was determined in 6 follow- ups patients as 38.2-83.0 months with or without disease.


Immunotherapy for Ovarian cancer using combination of DCs and IL-2 is safe, and this treatment induced specific immunity and potentially associated with long-term clinical response against Ovarian Cancer. 

The vaccination was well tolerated. In 3 out of 10 patients.

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Scientific article publishing date : 30/6/2014

Immucura identifier : BSC21_003EN