A novel potential effective strategy for enhancing the antitumor immune response in breast cancer patients using a viable cancer cell-dendritic cell-based vaccine

Breast Scan Results

Dendritic Cells


Dendritic cells (DCs) have been used in a number of clinical trials for cancer immunotherapy, but, the success in treating solid tumors wiht DC is still limited. Therefore, the scope of this study was to identify a novel potential immunotherapeutic target for breast cancer patients through in vitro optimization of a viable DC-based vaccine. The results demonstrated a highly active and potent immune response against these cancer cells.


In recent years, DCTs have been investigated as a novel therapeutic strategy for breast cancer. In DCTs, Dendritic cells are loaded with tumor cell-derived peptides and injected into the patient to generate an antitumor immune response. To date, most studies of DCT in breast cancer patients have focused on immunogenicity and safety aspects of this vaccine approach rather than its efficacy.


The results demonstrated a significant increase in LDH level, indicting a highly active and potent immune response against these cancer cells .

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Scientific article publishing date : 16/11/2017

Immucura identifier : BSC21_005En