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The future of cancer health, available now.

The future of cancer health, available now.

5 reasons to consider
Cell based immunotherapy treatment

Unlike traditional cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, DCT offers multiple advantages:

Minimally invasive


Using the body's natural healing system

Has no side-effects

Appropriate for any tumour-based cancers

Welcome to the world of Immunotherapy

Johannes Schumacher

When my father developed cancer in 2014, I wasn’t convinced by the treatment methods that were available to us. I then discovered Dendritic Cell Therapy as the most promising option. There are many better treatment options than those recommended today to most patients. With our patients we see the consistent positive results of Dendritic Cell Therapy. Immucura’s mission is to apply the most advanced scientific options to overcome cancer.

Unfortunately for my father it was too late – but everything happens for a reason, and for me it was the motivation to help others.

Johannes E. Schumacher

CEO, Immucura Limited


An average of five years of survival on conventional treatments is a poor result, and at the same time huge side effects are experienced. Cancer is a systemic disease and needs a well-differentiated approach. That’s why Immucura combines the best non-invasive treatments.

Each of these elements has superior survival rates and no unwanted side effects:

Clinically proven results and 5-star patient experience: that’s what distinguishes Immucura’s treatments.

What is Dendritic Cell Therapy?

Although Dendritic cells were discovered in the 19th century, it was only at the beginning of the 21st century that their role in adaptive immunity was discovered. Ralph M. Steinman understood that the primed dendritic cells were capable of detecting and destroying malignant cancer cells in the body and for his work he was awarded the Nobel prize in Medicine in 2011.

Why choose Immucura’s Dendritic Cell Therapy?

The effectivity of DCT is supported by a unique personalized medical program for 6 months:

Success Stories

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I am writing to you as a satisfied patient. I cannot make any statements from a medical point of view, except that my values and also my well-being have improved considerably after the serum application 3 months ago. I can only encourage you to go this way first of all and to discuss other therapies with the Immucura team.

Prostate Cancer Olaf (Germany)

With everyone at Immucura there on the phone constantly doing anything I need, any clues any questions and you don’t have to chase for answers or chase for any solutions. You know that they are coming up with solutions all the time. And they genuinely care, so I would really recommend them.

Breast Cancer Michelle (London)