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An innovative and effective therapy to fight cancer

Immucura Med is one of the first companies to offer Dendritic Cell Therapy in Spain. This straightforward and efficient therapy consists in creating a strong immune response against cancer. The outcomes are astonishing:  the therapy achieves very positive results with no or only harmless side effects.

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Testimonials from patients

Had an MRI May 7th – met with the oncologist yesterday to review the MRI report and the images, of the tumors, the two larger tumors have “imploded” meaning the are gone, and the remaining smaller tumors have shrunk to about half of the last measured size 3 months ago. And, there is no sign of edema (Swelling). This is super good news. Thanks to all for your prayers and encouragement.

Dendritic cell therapy has no side effects for me, except for a touch of flu, which means that the treatment is catching on. It does cause a temporary fever, which usually starts about an hour after the injection. Over the course of eight hours, the fever rises a little, in my case up to about 39.5 C (102 F). Somehow it feels fine – I feel as though something positive is happening – I don’t feel ill. Although it’s a real fever, somehow my body knows that I need this. And the results are fantastic. My MRI scans over the past five years have confirmed that the treatment has been successful. In my case, the dendritic cell therapy’s symptoms were minimal and lasted no more than two days. The hyperthermia was uncomfortable for me personally, but it only took three hours. There were no side effects from the treatment. After that I felt better and could do what I wanted. So the treatment did not exhaust me and as I was not exhausted, it was much easier to stay optimistic.

After I had lung surgery to remove some additional tumors, we brought the material from the second lung to Cologne, because it contained active tumor cells. That tissue was used to make the dendritic cells. After I received the dendritic therapy, I recovered quickly and the next scans confirmed that all the cancer was gone. All the scans since then have been good news. The radiologist said: “We don’t believe in miracles, but this sure looks like one.”

In terms of dendritic cell therapy, I had the first six treatments in four weeks. I would receive the injection and then after an hour and a half, I would start getting a fever. Before I got home, I would have a fairly high fever. It wasn’t unpleasant – it never made me feel weak, whereas normally a fever might wear me down. Once I lay down and close my eyes, I always fall asleep fairly quickly. When I wake up the next day or night, it has already subsided a bit. I always develop a mild headache, but I don’t take anything for it because the headaches are bearable. I take it easy that day, go for a walk, and get some fresh air – and in the evening it’s gone. That’s it. Those are the only side effects I’ve ever experienced from this therapy.

After returning from the clinic in Spain, I had an MRI and PET Scan – showing very slight new growth of tumors, so they recommended Avastin – not  chemo, but a vascular inhibitor that starves cancer cells, in addition, I am seeing three different local alternative treatment docs with the main change being a diet overhaul – going to a “ketogenic diet” which is largely fat and protein based with lots of green leafy veggies.. This is supposed to switch my body’s source of energy from glucose to fat/protein – which starves the cancer – very good results reported.
In the meantime, my left side nerve issues have improved vastly and I have walked for nearly two weeks without the use of trek sticks or a walker… The doctor (Dr. Death I call him) was very surprized by this improvement – in a very good way – stating that he expected me to go in the reverse direction based upon my PET SCAN.. He said it can only mean that the tumors are dissipating. For him to be excited and positive is completely uncharacteristic.  He has ordered a follow up MRI for three weeks away..  I feel super – and have started returning to work at Counterpoint – meetings with superintendents in several of our client districts… I’m “playing golf” today with some real weirdos.. I’m going to the gym regularly, and doing Pilates. I now weigh in at 201 which is 59 pounds less than last June.. And I was in 33 inch waist size pants instead of 38.

I was diagnosed with a tumour in my lower bowel in February 2016. It was initially offered to me as part of a wider treatment as I could not access leading edge alternative treatments in the UK. Now I have eradicated my tumour. A small amount of swelling in the direct area where the vaccine was injected which disappeared in a couple of days and was in no way an issue. The tumour has gone we are just discussing if there is any likelihood of any remaining cells that may need to be eradicated by some other means.
Dentritic cell therapy as part of a complete treatment protocol is the next generation of cancer treatment – the whole body and the causation needs to be treated not just the the symptoms of the disease itself. Chemo/radio therapy is in the dark ages and causes more damage than it treats.
Diet, exercise, overall well-being and a holistic approach is the only solution – the body has an incredible capacity to heal itself but sometimes it needs a little jump-start. Dentritic cell is just that, it’s your own army going to work.